Gay and Mormon


I've had a couple of friends talk to me about being gay and Mormon. It seems like all of these discussions end up with the conclusion that it is easy being gay and Mormon until someone meets/crushes/falls in love with the right guy--this is when it starts to become hard.

Life in the Church is generally easy. I go to church for three hours, I pay tithing, I follow the Word of Wisdom, I watch General Conference, I listen to the council of leaders, and many other simple charges. I realize that some of these are hard for people, but for me they are relatively simple to follow. Then when it comes to falling in love with a man, that's a completely different story. That is when I seem to throw my beliefs out the window. I soon find myself wanting things that I know are against Church teachings and harmful to my spirituality. This sometimes leads to me falling and having to go through the repentance process. I guess that everybody goes through a similar process as this when hit with their weakness. My weakness is men, which seems to hold greater consequences than other weaknesses such as alcohol, food, and worldly goods. I can be excommunicated for these things while other people have only minor privileges taken away from them.

One of my friends also said that most people that are gay and Mormon only need the right guy to help them leave the Church. I believe this is true. If someone shows another true love and they take care of each other, it is easy to leave. It is much easier to have someone there physically rather than spiritually showing you love. That's what makes it hard to be gay and Mormon.


Michael said...

It's true. I think most gay Mormons are just the right guy away from leaving the church. Sad but true.

My weakness is men too. ;)

Leilani Westhoff said...

What's your take on being gay... born that way or chemical imbalances in the body?